OSWP - Season Three Box Set

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Episodes 76-100 of the Old School Wrestling Podcast collectors edition box set. This set features the episodes on MP3 format and two never heard before episodes. The first bonus episode is the review of the Clash of the Champions 9 featuring the famous Ric Flair vs Terry Funk "I Quit" match. The second bonus episode is the review of the very first Royal Rumble 1988 featuring the infamous world record bench press by Dino Bravo.

Episode List:
#76 Bruiser Brody v Lex Luger
#77 Great American Bash 1989
#78 Saturday Night’s Main Event November 29, 1986
#79 Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks
#80 Undertaker v Shawn Michaels Hell in a Cell
#81 Halloween Havoc 1997
#82 Showdown at the Corral Stampede Wrestling
#83 Starrcade 1985
#84 Randy Savage v Bruno Sammartino
#85 OSWP Holiday Spectacular Tag Team Double Feature
#86 Lightning Kid v Jerry Lynn
#87 Royal Rumble 1999
#88 D-Von Dudley & Mass Transit v The Gangstas
#89 Road Warriors v Powers of Pain Benchpress Contest
#90 Fabulous Moolah v Joyce Grable
#91 Hart v Undertaker v Austin v Vader, In Your House 13
#92 WrestleMania 13
#93 I’m From Hollywood – A Tribute to Andy Kaufman
#94 Booker T v Jeff Jarrett
#95 ECW TV, September 1995
#96 Jake Roberts & Ultimate Warrior v Ted DiBiase & Akeem
#97 Terry Funk v Jerry Lawler, Empty Arena Match
#98 Dick The Bruiser & The Crusher v The Texas Outlaws
#99 Great American Bash 1987
#100 Montreal
# Bonus Episode - Royal Rumble 88
# Bonus Episode - Clash of the Champions 9