OSWP - Season Two Box Set

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Episodes 51-75 of the Old School Wrestling Podcast collectors edition box set. This set features the episodes on MP3 format and three never heard before episodes featuring the reviews of The Very First TNA Pay Per View, review of the 1992 PWI 500, and Steve Austin interviewing Dre and The Black Cat.

Episode List:
#51 In Defense of Demolition, Demolition v Brain Busters
#52 Eddie Gilbert v Jerry Lawler
#53 Starrcade 1990
#54 L. Kid v Razor Ramon
#55 Abdullah the Butcher v Axl Rotten
#56 Can Am Connection v Islanders
#57 Starrcade 86
#58 Pitbulls v Raven and Stevie Richards
#59 Flair Chop Christmas - Flair vs Von Erich and Mankind vs The Rock
#60 Hulk Hogan v Paul Orndorff Big Blue Cage Match
#61 Royal Rumble 1992
#62 Bull Nakano v Aja Kong, Woman's Cage Death Match
#63 War Games Team WCW v Team nWo
#64 Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs Don Muraco
#65 WrestleMania X8
#66 Rick Rude v Tommy Rich
#67 Ricky Steamboat v Steve Austin
#68 Hardcore Hak v Bam Bam Bigelow
#69 The New Breed v The Armstrongs
#70 Tajiri v Super Crazy v Little Guido
#71 Clash of the Champions 7
#72 The 100th Episode of Monday Nitro
#73 The Yokozuna Body Slam Challenge
#74 Andre the Giant v Stan Hansen
#75 Beyond the Mat
Bonus The Very First TNA Pay Per View
Bonus The 1992 PWI 500 Review
Bonus Steve Austin Interviews the Black Cat and Dre